What do your nicknames mean?
The story behind Yessica is quite simple. Yessica is the correct Spanish pronunciation of “Jessica” (i.e. some of her non-Latino friends call her Yessica). On the other hand, the story behind Jodhua is more complicated. Josh has always been enthralled with everything about India, and this includes South Asian post-colonial literature. About a year ago, he read Amitav Ghosh’s wonderful book, Sea of Poppies. It contains a compelling character named Jodhu. Josh was struck by the similarity to his given name, Joshua. Since then, he has fused the two into a cross-cultural pen name for all his social media ventures, including Tumblr, Twitter, and most recently, this beloved blog.

How can y’all afford such a long trip?
Both Jodhua and Yessica readily admit that this trip won’t be pretty. What adventure is? There will be no first class hotels, nor will there be any fine dining. Accommodations will consist of family run pensions, youth hostels and the like. An average night at one of these charming establishments usually runs about $12 in this part of Europe. Sustenance will include vender food, fruit from local merchants and groceries. The Wanderers strongly agree that they would rather spend 5 weeks in Europe on a budget, than 1 week living the high life.

What are y’all doing after the trip?
Jodhua will be moving to Boston in September, to begin a graduate program in International Journalism. He hopes to take the knowledge afforded him there to start a career that somehow combines those of Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen & Sydney Bristow.

Yessica will be meeting her parents in Italy (which she will blog about). After that, she plans on returning to her job as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist. She will also start taking classes for a Master’s degree through an online Texas A&M program in Special Education, with an emphasis in behavior analysis. She’ll also visit Josh whenever she can…because she will miss him, but mostly because she’s never been to Boston.

What does the blog name mean?
“Rolling under the stars” is a quote from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. The quote conveys an intense wanderlust that comes with having a taste for culture shock and exploration, both of which the Wanderers seek in their travels.

How did y’all meet?
Jodhua and Yessica met in 2007 while enrolled in Introduction to International Relations at the University of Iowa. Jodhua noticed a very well put-together young woman in his section who seemed to know all the answers, and have even more questions. Naturally, when he needed a partner for an extra credit project, he turned to this fiery vixen. Yessica was immediately enthralled by his go-getter attitude, and eagerly agreed to work with him. They have been happily debating, drinking & dub-stepping ever since.

What’s that header picture of anyways?
The header is a picture of Tibetan prayer flags blowing in the sun. Covered with mantras and sacred images, prayer flags release compassion and love into the world as they blow in the wind.

What’s your favorite country to visit?
Without a doubt, Yessica’s favorite country to visit is India. According to her, “that country is BANANAS to visit, but it changed my life in so many ways and gave me so many wonderful memories.”

Jodhua is a huge fan of Bosnia, which is perhaps the most surprisingly lovely locale he’s ever stepped foot in. He spent a week there, but would love to spend a year.


One thought on “FAQ

  1. I have never seen Josh dub-step haha :)

    Posted by Jason Garms | June 27, 2012, 10:36 pm

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