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Real Talk with Yessica

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“So, how much time do you want off.”
“Um. *clears throat*  Two months.”

When I asked my boss for a leave of absence, I half hoped he wouldn’t give me it so that I could quit. I’ve been working as an Applied Behavior Analysis therapist since September and, while the kids are my life, my boss is not the most supportive or helpful of individuals. Promoted to the position of senior therapist in March, I (along with my boss and a Case Supervisor) help design the treatment plans for two different children. While I apparently have been “in training” since then to meet the requirements of this new position, I have yet to log any hours of this training. An example of my boss’ never ending support happened two weeks ago when he emailed me to tell me a few things I should know about one of my kids and add to his therapy plan. However, I had already implemented these programs the previous week, which he would have known had he just talked to me. Also, there were three staff birthdays this month, one of which was mine. The other girls got cards and a cake, but I didn’t get so much as a “Happy birthday!” It seems silly that something so trivial would hurt my feelings, but it just doesn’t help with the general sentiment that I feel unappreciated and overworked at my company in a field that is already exhausting.

In addition to feeling burnt out from my job, the past six months have been altogether rather tiresome for me. I applied for grad programs in Autism and, although I was accepted to both University of Kent and Columbia, I declined both offers. After struggling to figure out what I wanted to do for about three months, I finally realized that I didn’t want to move anywhere else right now, especially New York City or the U.K. Then there’s my love life, which needs its own TV show deal on the CW it’s so melodramatic. #whitegirlproblems

Needless to say, when Josh proposed going to Europe this summer, I was over the moon. This trip is just what I need – 5 weeks with my best friend. My friendship with Josh is rare. He is the type of friend that I can literally just sit in a room with and do anything and we would have fun. I think we spent most of our Saturdays in college sitting in our living rooms on our computers while watching TV. It was awesome. I haven’t seen him since I moved from Iowa City to my hometown of Houston, TX in July and I have missed him dearly. This trip will be rejuvenating for me not only because I love the challenge of travel – those moments where you are faced with the worst parts of yourself and have to deal with them and move on – but also because I’ll be with one of the people in the world who knows everything about me and still loves me. I think I speak for both Josh and myself when I say planning and preparing for this trip has made things a million times easier for both of us. When things got crazy, I just kept telling myself, “Suck it up, girl. You’ll soon be on an amazing trip.” Josh and I even created our own Emoticon to express how we feel about this trip: :$$$$$$. It means I’m so excited I’m throwing up.

I leave for the Netherlands next Friday the 22nd to hang out with my dad in The Hague (where he and my mom have lived since 2006) before meeting Josh in Amsterdam on the 25th. I’m pretty pumped for this because the last time I hung out with my father we just sang “Somebody that I Used to Know” at the top of our lungs in my car.

And now to embarrass Josh and make everyone laugh:

So cute, Jujubee. Oh, that’s what I call him bee-tee-dubs, in case you read that in another post.

With all the love and affection in the world,

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Based out of Houston, TX, I write on many topics including travel, my diet, exercise, relationships and political issues because I like to pretend that what I have to say is interesting. I'm addicted to sappy teenage drama shows, Spotify, shopping at Target, hashtags and inappropriately using the word "literally." Seriously. I literally say it all the time.


2 thoughts on “Real Talk with Yessica

  1. How’d you find my secret glamour shot?

    Posted by jodhua11 | June 17, 2012, 7:45 am
  2. “the challenge of travel – those moments where you are faced with the worst parts of yourself and have to deal with them and move on” – I love this!

    I’m so happy you get to have this experience, and proud of you for making some tough decisions that are for the best for you. Keep us updated!


    Posted by Carrie | June 17, 2012, 6:16 pm

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